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Respect But Fear No Man

Black Belt Essay Requirement Submitted on 6/20/09 by

Vincent Song, then an 11 yr old, 6th grade student-Camino Grove Elementary School of Arcadia; now a 18 yr old, 12th grade student at Arcadia High School.

"What a Black Belt Means to Me"

A black belt is not like any other belt. A first-degree Black Belt is a very advanced beginner student. Everyone who takes martial arts tries to get this color belt but there is a small percent that get it. Getting a black belt takes a lot of work, practice and determination. When you get this belt it is an amazing achievement. It is a great deal of responsibility.

What does a black belt mean to me? Are you done with karate? No, there are lots of degrees you need to get. It takes years of practice to get one. A black belt is not something to tie around your waist but rather a way of living life. It is about working on never ending improvement everyday in everyway.

Black Belts dedicate themselves to being the best they can be to themselves, their family, their friends and their community. It is a desire that comes from within and through intense focus, dedication and hard work. Black Belts make the world a better place.

A black belt to me means accomplishment and achievement. A black belt is some
thing really great to get. It means getting something that I have wanted and worked for very long and hard. I started as a white belt. I had no clue what karate meant then. As I earned various belts, I learned that there is much more to karate than fighting. I have learned to focus, pay attention and remember many things at the same time. I have learned respect for others and for myself. I have learned discipline.

A black belt means that you have learned the skills to learn harder skills. A black belt means a HUGE commitment. It is the end of the first phase of my training. It means I have never quit. It means I am ready for the next phase of my t
raining. I have never given up. It means I have faced great challenges.

You shou
ld be familiar with the skills you already learned. It means that you have learned the basics and are almost ready to teach others. A Black Belt should pass knowledge to other students. It means hard work, dedication, perfection, and doing the best you can.

It also means that if you are attacked on the streets or anywhere, you should be able to defend yourself, but with control. Black Belts should be able to control their power, speed, strength and ability. They should not hurt others unless they have to defend themselves. They should especially not hurt people in class when they are sparring.

A Black Belt should have respect, confidence, control, self-discipline, patience, helpfulness, great attitude and the will to teach other students. A black belt means that you have the ability to teach other students. There is the faith in you that you conduct yourself with honor and respect. A person who gets this belt is an expert in karate. It is an honor to wear one. This is what a black belt means to me.